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PSW offers high closure designing & outline results for parts manufacturing with customer designs. Our outline groups are remarkably talented & prepared architects with exceptional experience in the sheet metal industry and it furnishes documentation & building underpin to our creation group. With 8 talented outline specialists, PSW utilizes plan virtual products like Solid works, Think 3, Fabriwin, with Solid displaying to exchange the client drawings rapidly & exactly to assembling necessities in wording by getting ready level drawing dissecting the attainability of assembling, arranging PPAP, BOM accompanied by control graphs. PSW utilizes CAD CAM and different virtual products to be specific:

  • Metals Soft
  • Fabriwin
  • API00
  • Solid Works

Facilities at PSW consists of the following processes:

CNC Punching from 0.8 to 3.00mm width of 1250 x 2500mm without repositioning. More than 2500mm width is also possible.

Components can be bent up to 3mm of any material with an accuracy of 0.2mm by using CNC Bending Machine.
CNC Bending 0.8 to 3.00mm steel sheet for the length of 2.5m with tab folding accuracy of ±0.2mm.

The process of riveting to fix the fasteners like PEM fasteners, Clifa fasteners, etc., by using high accuracy NC controlled PEM inserting machines from LCM Control, Haeger and Pemserter.


  • Spot welding of steel thickness from 0.8 to 3.00mm.
  • Aluminium spot welding of 3+3mm thickness.

TIG & MIG Welding for aluminium, aluminium alloy and stainless steel.

High quality precision sheet metal fabrication with the following metals

  • CRCA
  • G. I. Sheets
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • HRCA

Dedicated source. One complete solution of finished process with automatic conveyorised facility and nano-technology of pre-treatment. The plant can handle the maximum cubicle size of 3x2x2m.

Proposed Facility:
7 Axis Bending MachineCNC Laser Machine

  • CNC Laser Machine
  • 7 Axis Bending Machine